HowTo run Visual Age for Java - Professional 3.0 (for Linux) under FreeBSD:

This description is based on the components I had, when I start it.

I'm using:

- a 4.0 -current snapshot from the 27. january 2000,
- and a linux_base-6.0.shar, downloaded at the 18. december 1999
(I changed my installation now to the linux_base-6.1 package and it still runs - did you expected something else?)

I think that you should be able to use VAJ even with the 3.4-RELEASE of FreeBSD and the current linux_base-6.1. But you need definetly a RedHat-6.x compatible linux-emulator.

1. I installed the linux_base-6.[0|1] port.

2. The linux_base port doesn't contain the /usr/compat/linux/usr/X11R6/lib/* link and library, I had to extract these lib's from the linux_base-5.2 port.

3. I downloaded Visual-Age from the spc (IBM developer connection, the company I worked for, is a member of the spc). The filename is This version contains the Visual Age for Java - Professional Version 3.0 for Linux, with the 1.1.7 jdk and an 1.0.3 JFC.

4. Start the linux emulation

The following should be done by the user who would like to use the VAJ.

5. The user NEEDS a .Xresources file with the following contents:

*basicLocale: C
*timeFormat: C
*numeric: C
*displayLang: C
*inputLang: C

(without this file loaded, you'll get some weird error-messages, when you try to start the VAJ! - and it'll hang...)

And Luzian Scherrer mentioned, to additionally include the following lines:

*background: #c0c0c0
*foreground: #000000

that you get rid of the >nice< blue background color...

6. Extract the vaj zip-file as the user who would like to work with it.

7. call "./vajide"

8. Create "cool-" programs ;-)

9. Send me a short mail of success, that I know that someone other could run it, too. <>

10. Make your programs available under the BSD-License, to the BSD-Community! ;-)

I hope, that I have not forgotten something to mention?! If you've problems to start it, please contact me, that we could check yours and my kernel-options... (but I think that would not be a problem...)

Hope that helps!

If you'd like to see a screenshot of a running system, have a look here. Don't expect a good quality, the screenshot is scaled down, to save space.

For those of you, who don't have a Java enabled Browser...
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