The IMAP Mail Buddy

The icons for this application are Copyright(C) by Dean S. Jones,


I was searching for an easy to use and stable IMAP mail client for our company, but the mail client, where we end with, isn't really stable. That was the time, where I decided to try out to program my own one. It's in an early stage, at the moment, but you might have a look at it...

The goal is to have an eMail-client, which could be used even by small workgroups, which monitor partly the same mailboxes (e.g. an "info" user for companys etc.). Therefore, the application must be able to handle concurrent editing of a mailbox.
(Because of that, the application will not be the fastest one! You couldn't have an imap-folder open in READ_WRITE mode concurrently on several clients. My solution was to monitor the client over the Folder.getMessageCount method and reopen the folder in case of changes. If someone has a better idea, don't hesitate to inform me!)

(last update: 2000/11/06)

What is working:
  • Mailbox handling (add, remove, modify mailbox and settings)
  • Folder handling (add, remove and rename folder)
  • show eMails in a selected folder
  • monitor the INBOX folder for each mailbox for new mails
  • monitor the selected folder for state changes in mails (SEEN/UNSEEN changes, DELETE/UNDELETE changes)
  • expunge the marked messages from the folder
  • open selected mails for read
  • save attachments (use the right mousebutton in the attachment list)
  • Updated Mailbox configuration panel. Please reconfigure every Mailbox, if you are using a version before 21. Oct. 2000
  • sending mails (separate in case of multiple addresses in the TO/CC/BCC fields, each entry with a semikolon ";"!)
  • save outgoing mails in a "Sent"-folder on the imap-server
  • tuned the open-mail-for-read function
  • started to implement the reply functionality

  • Next steps are:
  • forward functionality
  • ability, to move messages to another folder in the current mailbox
  • implementing address books
  • implementing filters for incomming mails, that you can do individual processing on selected mails...
  • printing mails
  • ...

  • Later steps are:
  • code cleanup
  • maybe implementing POP3 support
  • drag'n'drop
  • and I don't know...

  • License

    The application will be under a BSD style license, check back in a few days to read more...


    I wish to thank the following people for their ideas, help and support of IMB:

  • Dean S. Jones for his initial icon colection
  • Michael Westbay for his suggestion, to use the above icon-collection and his maintenance of the icon-collection pages!
  • Edgar Ruppenthal for his support and testing.

  • Download

    If you are interested in the current ugly source-code, please contact me!

    Otherwise, you could download the current "PREVIEW" jar-file.

    The current requirements are:
  • a Java 1.1 VM ('till the moment I implement the drag'n'Drop functionality...)
  • in case of a Java 1.1 VM, the swing library
  • the javamail API jar
  • the java activation framework API jar
  • and this jar-file

  • To start the application call it like this:
    java -classpath mail.jar:activation.jar:imb.jar imb.Controller

    Known configurations are:
  • FreeBSD, jdk1.1.8, swing-1.1.1, jaf-1.0.1, javamail-1.1.3
  • WindowsNT, jdk-1.3.0-006, jaf-1.0.1, javamail-1.1.3

  • Due to a bug in the FileChooser class of the JDK's < 1.3.0, you can only add 1 attachment at a time to a mail. You can of course create mails with several attachments, but only add one after the other
  • !!! The blackdown linux jdk 1.2.2 RC4 will not work under FreeBSD !!!

  • For those of you, who don't have a Java enabled Browser...
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